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As the new world rapidly expands, opportunities for new businesses and hard earned cash grow. With that come corruption and greed and the line between good and bad gets blurred. In this world full of conflicts the business of bounty hunting is booming.

Driven by the rewards of the bounties, mysterious characters gather to team up in dangerous missions.

Some seek revenge, others have more vague motives, these ruthless bounty hunters stops for nothing, except an occasional glass of whiskey.

Legends are molded in the heat of fire and not everyone has what it takes to be a part of the notorious gang of bounty hunters, known to the world as Scalpers.

Scalpers: Turtle & the Moonshine Gang is a top down action shooter set in the Wild West. Join your friends and the fearless Scalpers during 30-45 minutes missions with a lot of action, objectives and epic bosses.

Genre: Cooperative, action, shooter

Players: 1-4, single and online multiplayer

This game is even harder than Dark Souls - shouts twitcher Ekveel during an intense battle in Scalpers.
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Pop flowers and score combos in the world's most addictive point-and-shoot puzzle game. A new experience guaranteed each time you play!

Aim, shoot and pop!

Launch your pal Squirrely out of the magic cannon, pop a variety of beautiful flowers and special items including beehives, explosive barrels and mystic portals! Everything is displayed in stunning 3D in the vibrant Flowerpop universe.

Thanks to our hundreds of thousands of players and 5 star ratings! Here are some reviews:

Has everything a game should have! - MissBumblebeee - 5 stars!
Great graphics and definitely addictive. - SteffanyF - 5 stars!
Simply delicious ... such a fun experience. - blue nyc - 5 stars!
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Addictive apocalyptic action! For how long can you survive this vast onslaught of deadly attacks?

Try to survive longer than your friends and all other players from around the world in this highly addictive space action runner!

Easy to learn but hard to master

Jumping and changing direction - those are the only things you need to learn. But to survive in this chaotic space, timing and precision makes all the difference. Watch out for deadly energy beams and time your next jump to survive and venture further into the chaos.

Amazing! Thanks a lot for this game, this game is beautiful and perfect for killing free time. - Vladdd Zen
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Match and collect candies in this super sweet, devilishly delicious Match-3 puzzle adventure!

Join Ellie, the Candy Bandit, and Marshall, her foxy sidekick, on a mission to save Candy Land. Slide and match your way through tons of sweet levels to defeat the evil Candy King Croc and reclaim all the stolen candy! Ready for a mouthwatering adventure that will leave you wanting more?

Enjoy this sugar-coated game on your own or play with friends and compete for the highest score!

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With a creative environment and experience from large productions, we develop sweet games for consumers of all ages, independently and with partners. Our vision is to bring joy to your life.

Sweet was founded in 2014 by industry veterans, with a goal to create games with the most enjoyable end user experience. We do not just aim to release titles after titles we stand proud in creating high value productions for the next generation of gamers.

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We want team members

We want team members

A Sweet Studio recruits people, not roles. We want you to feel like a valuable member of the team instead of filling just another position. We believe that if we all just work towards a common goal, the end result will be amazing.

Creating games is fun

We do not believe in overtime or crunch, those things belong to the past. Instead we think that with today's technology and knowledge, Sweet games can be made with the passion this industry once had, but faster and at a more organized and controlled process.

If you think you will be a sweet member of the team, send us an open application to jobs@asweetstudio.com

Open positions

Open application

Does A Sweet Studio feel like a company you would like to work for, but we haven't any open positions on our website at the moment? Are you still in school, and you need a great place to do your internship at? We appreciate initiative, so let us know who you are!

Contact us at jobs@asweetstudio.com and submit your CV today!